Jacob Edwards lives in Brisbane - Australia's River City - with his wife and son.

  He writes.


      Nay, almost compulsively.

He does other things, too - like reading, playing chess, and trying not to be run off the road by four wheel drives - but at heart he remains at all times a writer.

A graduate of the University of Queensland (BA English, MA Ancient History), Jacob's first New Millennium publication was an academic paper. He has followed that up with creative non-fiction, literary and speculative fiction, poetry, reviews and editorial work. Currently he is working on... well, something.

There's always something. Often many things.

Those who have found their way to this website probably have done so after reading something of Jacob's. Anyone wishing to read more - as opposed to just queuing up to throw tomatoes - will find references here to various of Jacob's publications.
Like most writers, he maintains also a lovingly dust-coated collection of unpublished works, and would give due consideration to benevolent patronage.

He would like to make it clear, however, that he does not blog.

He also doesn't tweet, even though he has opposable thumbs.

In the absence of a hit counter, please rest assured that you are the person to most recently visit this site.

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  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall