1,000 Words

Flash Fiction:

‘Always the Twain’, Dot Dot Dash 9 (‘Recursive’) (Autumn 2012). “Goodbye, my friend, and of course, hello.” When dark matter and light matter meet, it is through a causally fused conversation that transcends the laws of time.

‘The Big One’, Thieves & Scoundrels (2010). Bert Blumenfeld is nosing through the long black of the Horsehead Nebula when he crosses orbits with a tough old frontier bird. A whole asteroid? It’s the scam of a lifetime.

Origins Unknown‘, AntipodeanSF 256 (January 2020). Alfonse only stopped off to refuel his spaceship. But when he found out Earth doesn’t have thingummyjigs, he took the opportunity to settle down. All was well… until it wasn’t. Story archived online here. Issue available for free .epub download here. Broadcast on the AntipodeanSF Radio Show 385 ‘Amneris’ (27 September 2020), read by Marg Essex.

‘The Other Side’, The Quotable 9 (‘Night and Day’) (Spring 2013). My butter knife is on the floor and the kitchen is shrouded in shadow. I stare, unseeing. Is this the dire consequence that Gran warned me about?