Poems M-P


A Moment, Unphotographed, Windmills 9 (‘The Bones Issue’) (2012). In which a frilly necked lizard and a shopping trolley are observed.

News From the Farm, Cordite Poetry Review 52.0 (Toil, 2015). In which farm life finds its way into then out of an e-mail. [With Jill Blanch]

Not in the Closet
Haiku Poems
Found Under the Bed, Windmills 6 (‘What’s under the bed?’) (2011). In which something queer emerges.

Obsoletrician, Perceptions (2015). In which the author and his appendix are admitted to hospital and only one of them checks out.

Awards: 2015 poetry winner.

Parking Only, Page Seventeen 11 (2014). In which the author and his wife travel to the Hilton and encounter not only Richard Dawkins but also political correctness run amok.

Companion Piece: On Deck for the Hilton Shanty.

Pin the Tail, Parody 1.1 (April 2012). Part Two of Proof that Pandas like Bumbershoots.

Personal Ad, Provoke Journal (January 2017). The poet seeks love through an appeal to shared nostalgia.

Poem for Bats, Cordite Poetry Review 53.0 (The End, 2016). In which the poet finds himself in accord with a ripe pawpaw.

Poem For H R Pufnstuf, The Toucan Magazine Online Poem of the Week (posted 29 July 2011). Nursery rhyme innocence blossoms into a sordid little love story.

Reprinted: Polluto 10 (Wage Slave Orgy) 2013.

(The Proof of the) Pudding and Pie, The Speculative Edge 1 (August 2012). In which children sing about zombies’ short-lived clash with evolution.