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Adric and the Death of Doctor Who, 1980-1982

Part 1 (The Leisure Hive), Buzzymag.com (posted 3 June 2016). In which Tom Baker grows very old and Doctor Who starts to regenerate.

Part 2 (Full Circle), Buzzymag.com (posted 31 May 2016). In which Adric is picked up from a discarded pile of river fruit.

Part 3 (State of Decay), Buzzymag.com (posted 17 August 2016). In which Adric’s character outline falls apart and Matthew Waterhouse sucks the life out of an otherwise good vampire serial.

Pulling the Plug: Television Series that were Axed Prematurely

Part 1, (An Untenable Top 10), Buzzymag.com (posted 15 September 2016).

Unless you’re into soap operas and bad sitcoms, the sad truth of television is that nothing lasts forever. The entertainment that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Speculative fiction has a difficult time in general, but even across the landscape of crashed spaceships and withered beanstalks, there lie scattered the remnants of programmes that were especially hard done by: shows that rated far below their worth; shows that were canned with their potential unrealised; shows that were loved seemingly by everyone except the executives who commissioned them…