100 Words


(stories up to 140 characters)

#767 (1 November 2017)

#837 (8 May 2019)

SMS Fiction:

(stories up to 160 characters)

‘Acronymonious’, Paper Nautilus (2012). A language pedant’s stroppy text message.

Hint Fiction:

(stories up to 25 words)

‘Death Row’, The Delinquent 17 (April 2012). Last musings of a serial killer.

‘Novel’, The Delinquent 17 (April 2012). A short rejection note.

Dart Fiction:

(stories of exactly 50 words)

‘Prophylaxident’, Title Goes Here (Winter 2011). The old time travel paradox, born again.


(stories of exactly 100 words)

‘Compatibility’, The Drabbler 18 (February 2011). Wherein Anderson Five searches for a date.

‘Deliberation’, The Drabbler 17 (‘When Food Attacks’) (Oct 2010). Wherein comes an unexpected schism within the Feminist movement. [Translating Jade Alex Carbon.]

‘Dyslexica’, Orbis 167 (Spring 2014). In which the Scots pay tribute (of sorts) to Eric Frank Russell’s bonnie, bohemian crew.

‘Quantum Genesis’, Short and Twisted (2010). Wherein Man muscles in on Creative Design.

‘Short Shrift’, Short and Twisted (2010). In which we learn what set the primordial soup bubbling.

‘Sphinxes Anonymous’, The Drabbler 16 (‘Alien Architecture’) (April 2010). Wherein architectural addicts square off for the proverbial throwing of stones.